South Africa

Amistad International’s outreach in South Africa focuses primarily on children’s health and protection.

Lambano Sanctuary

Amistad has been a support for Lambano Sanctuary nearly the entire the time since Lambano was founded in 2001 as a home for HIV+ children. Even though there were few hopes for their survival when they first arrived, eight-five percent of the children have beat the odds and are thriving thanks to the skilled medical treatment, social support, nutrition and love they are given.

Lambano provides four “Forever” homes for 28 HIV+ children and a 16-bed medical hospice for children, the only one in their Gauteng Province. Lambano’s staff of 20 medically-trained professionals and 32 supporting staff provide intensive care, nutrition, medical aid, physical therapy, education and and dignity for the Lambano children.

Referred by government hospitals, children ages newborn to 18 with cancer, genetic defects, burns, brain damage, HIV/TB and other critical health issues are tenderly cared for at the Lambano Pediatric Hospice.