This week we had a strategic planning meeting and one thing that stood out for all of us is that it was hard for us to make the commitment to come and work at Lambano (As the wise one—Lyn said we all came kicking, screaming), but the Lord changed our hearts, showing us that this was where He wanted us to be. Each one of us can now agree that working here has been a privilege and a blessing.

We have grown to love our jobs and that for me would be shopping, something that I use to dread—The Lord has a sense of humor! This week I had to take most of the school-going children (17 of them) shopping for their School uniforms as most of our children have outgrown last year’s clothes. The shopping was an adventurous outing—going in and out of the fitting room and people staring at me like I’m a mad woman. Some bolder people came to ask if the children were mine, I mean most of the children are the same age and they all look different, but I’d just nod and say yes, they are all my children and the look that I get is priceless!

Yesterday two of our children had a sinus operation, quite a lengthy and painful procedure. They are both back from Hospital and are doing very well. They will go back for their check-up on Friday next week.

This poem written by a girl who is an AIDS patient in Lambano’s hospice. We can’t use her real name.

A Plea to Live

I thought I was alone but I was wrong.
God gave me people in my life, like my Granny and the people of Lambano.
When I was sick I thought I would die before my time.
My mother gave me birth and left me like this.
I thank God for my Granny and Lambano…

Behind my smile is a hurting heart.
Behind my thought I am falling apart…
look closely at me and you will see
the person I am isn’t me…

Written by “Esperanza” not her real name, but a name which means hope.